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In this episode Damon speaks with Mollie West Duffy, co-author of the book No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power Of Embracing Emotions At Work. She’s also one half of the workplace culture Instagram account @lizandmollie. 

Mollie is an expert in organizational design, development, and leadership coaching. She’s currently the head of organizational development at communications firm RALLY, and previously led organizational design at global innovation firm IDEO.

Damon and Mollie discuss the new rules of emotions at work. In this highly actionable episode, we examine the difference between under-emoters, over-emoters, and even-emoters. Then Mollie and Damon explore ways to work with each, the importance of communicating your needs when working remotely, and why right now is not the time to be asking the question, ‘how are you?’

This episode originally appeared as part of Working through it series. Check out the series for more tips and stories of people navigating periods of transition.

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