Designing for Love & Magic, with Oshoke & Chinedu

In this episode, we explore how to foster more love and magic within our organizations, and what empathy has to do with innovation. Listen today, download the playbook, and subscribe to the Culture First podcast.

How do we foster love and magic within our organizations? This is the question on which architect Pamela Oshoke Abalu and serial entrepreneur Chinedu Echeruo founded the Love & Magic Company.

Oshoke and Chinedu’s job is to help change-makers develop enthused and powerful business solutions. In this episode of the Culture First Podcast, Damon explores with them what it means for work to be “love made visible”

They discuss the concept of seeing your customer or employee as your beloved, designing for your mother, and empathy as fuel for innovation.

Later in the episode, Erica Kuhl, former VP of Community at Salesforce, talks to us about her journey building a 3 million+ member thriving Salesforce Trailblazer Community where members go to connect, learn and give back. We learn about her journey having the company recognize the community’s value, and the role that deep listening played.

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