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Functional performance reviews

Don’t settle for a broken performance review process

95 percent of managers aren’t happy with their performance review process - It’s time for a change. Download our guide and learn how to rebrand and rebuild your process so individual performance aligns with company goals.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

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Develop your people

Collect feedback from the right people at the right time.

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Run objective evaluations

Reduce bias with built-in templates to ensure consistency.

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Align across your company

Assess performance holistically and get everyone on the same page.

The complete performance solution

Calibrate effectively

Tailor reporting to your exact specifications by filtering data based on department, level, and more for effective calibration meetings.

Manage a skills inventory

Get a clear understanding of skills at the team and organizational level to help with strategic talent planning and programs.

Set and manage agile goals

Set and track goal progress, associate goals with department objectives, and leave comments or flag blockers that require attention.

  • Myke Mansberger

    By having a really strong continuous feedback loop through performance management, we’ve had more opportunities to recognize performance... that keeps employees feeling fulfilled and engaged.”

    Myke Mansberger

    Vice President, Head of People at Bombas

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