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SAN FRANCISCO, MELBOURNE, NEW YORK, LONDON - JUNE 19, 2023 — Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, has launched its new partner ecosystem bringing together a growing network of consultancy and technology partners. This strategic initiative aims to bring together industry leaders and innovators to deliver enhanced value to Culture’s Amp’s 6,500 customers.

Rich Anstett, Culture Amp’s Chief Revenue Officer said, “Culture Amp provides its customers with data that can guide decisions about customized pulse surveys and other deep dives into identified problem areas. We get to the root of the problem, whatever it is, and then help customers access our new consulting partners ecosystem to source the intervention that best meets their needs. We don’t have an ingrained bias based on ‘upselling’ customers to other solutions we own. Our partners are truly the best in the business, and those we trust to work with our customers and drive the best outcomes.”

He continues, “With a constantly expanding roster of partners, Culture Amp customers can gain access to an even wider range of solutions across key HR areas. Work on diversity, equity and inclusion, goal setting, and compensation planning becomes even more connected and impactful.”

Integrations between Culture Amp and its partners enables a deeper understanding of employee engagement, retention, and performance, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions that drive positive change and improve the employee experience.

Companies looking to drive meaningful change and create exceptional employee experiences have all their needs met in one place by leveraging a seamless flow of data. By synchronizing data between systems, customers can eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and get employee insights in real-time.

To explore the new partner ecosystem or learn more about joining Culture Amp's partner program, please visit

About Culture Amp

Culture Amp revolutionizes how over 25 million employees across 6,500 companies create a better world of work. As the global platform leader for employee experience, Culture Amp empowers companies of all sizes and industries to transform employee engagement, develop high-performing teams, and retain talent via cutting-edge research, powerful technology, and the largest employee dataset in the world. The most innovative companies across the globe, such as Salesforce, PwC, KIND, SoulCycle, and BigCommerce depend on Culture Amp every day.

Culture Amp is backed by 10 years of innovation, leading venture capital funds, and offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Culture Amp was recognized as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes and one of the most innovative workplace companies by Fast Company.

Learn more about how Culture Amp can help you create a better world of work at

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