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Culture Amp

Guide to creating career paths and competencies

7 steps to setting up career paths and competencies

An investment in development brings clear business benefits, directly impacting commitment and motivation. Culture Amp research found that a lack of development is the #1 reason an employee will leave their organization.

Get ahead of potential employee development pitfalls by implementing clearly defined career paths and competencies. In this how-to guide, learn how you can craft a culture that motivates employees and drives performance at scale.

Companies that prioritize employee development experience…


  • 24.3%more company growth (as measured by headcount)

  • 46%higher engagement for employees whose skills are being developed in line with interests

  • 30%average performance rating increase among employees that create a solid development plans

  • 21%more motivation among employees whose managers show an interest in their L&D

In this how-to guide, you will learn:

Illustration of two people high-fiving

7 steps for building out career paths and competencies

Illustration of 5 pastel coloured balls interconnected by lines, the biggest blue ball has a white checkmark

Expert advice on setting up an effective career framework

Illustration of three people holding a green flag

Tips for encouraging uptake among your employees

implementing career paths and competencies report

Paint a motivating future for every employee at your company

Learn how to develop a motivating career framework, set up career paths, and define competencies – all in 7 proven steps.