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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Guest Speaker: Peter Scutt, CEO

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In this next episode of Humanity Works, we’re putting the spotlight on Peter Scutt, Co-Founder of Mable. Mable is a revolutionary platform that connects support workers with people requiring support. With a career background in investment banking, Peter is a passionate leader who moved to a purpose-led organisation. With his work at Mable, he’s committed to empowering the elderly and those with disabilities to live an inclusive life of their choosing.

The Mable platform is changing lives for the better, and it’s all thanks to Peter making a bold choice to find a new model when an outdated system wasn’t serving his own family.

Peter takes us through his ‘Profit For Purpose’ business model, how Mable creates a new workforce opportunity that drives better outcomes for everyone engaged with the platform, and how Mable is attracting diverse talent from all over the world who feel connected to a purpose-led vision.

Listen to this episode now to discover:

  • How Peter’s own family struggles led to the creation of his company Mable
  • How we can uncover better solutions to address complex problems by creating an entirely new model
  • Why having a core purpose in your organisation is critical for business success
  • The policy reforms brought about by people living with disability who want more agency and inclusivity
  • The Gig Economy: Peter offers a new perspective and shares what Mable is doing to ensure improved outcomes for everybody who engages with their platform

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