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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Guest Speaker: Kate Pounder, CEO

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Higher pay, better job security, and lower barriers to entry – does such a sector exist?

To answer this question, we asked Kate Pounder, CEO of Tech Council Australia – the peak body for Australia’s tech sector. Tech Council Australia has made it its mission to have 1 million people in tech jobs by 2025, with a view that the tech industry will contribute 250 billion dollars to the Australian economy by 2030.

In this episode of Humanity Works, Kate discusses how she approaches leadership when multiple stakeholders are involved, what makes Australian tech so unique and exciting, and the initiatives Tech Council Australia have developed to address diversity in the industry.

Listen to this episode now to discover:

  • How Kate went from living in a small rural town that had no technology to becoming CEO of Tech Council Australia
  • How Kate’s background and upbringing built her confidence to take on big challenges in her career (and the important lessons she took from her parents)
  • What Kate did next when she suddenly found herself without a job (and why it turned out to be a great thing)
  • What it’s like to be CEO of a rapidly growing organisation, Tech Council Australia
  • Answers to the biggest questions facing society – the work that drives Kate’s passion to create an impact with Tech Council
  • Why it’s essential to communicate a bigger vision when uniting multiple stakeholders on a solution
  • Why Kate believes Australia will become the best place to build and scale a company (and how the Tech industry will help)
  • The exciting new initiatives Tech Council Australia is working on to address the issue of diversity in the sector

Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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