Learn how employee feedback can fuel your B economy journey

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Culture Amp is a proud B Corp company!

We can’t wait to geek out on employee engagement with our fellow B Corp companies.

For years, many B Corp companies have been using our platform

Read our B Corp benchmark to find out how your employees’ feedback compare with other B Corp organizations.

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What keeps B Corp employees engaged?

Using data from our B Corp benchmark, we’ve extracted key insights on what makes B Corps unique from the employee perspective.

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The Culture Amp difference

Cover all your bases

From onboarding surveys to company-wide engagement, individual effectiveness and more, the platform manages multiple sources of feedback and connects the dots for you.

Ask the right questions

Select from our library of research-backed engagement, pulse and deep dive surveys, including diversity and inclusion. They’ve been designed by organizational psychologists and data scientists to uncover honest feedback and accurate, measurable results. Use them off-the-shelf or we’ll help you tailor them to your needs.

Drive your strategy with data

Equipped with empirical data, you’ll be able to cut through the chatter to improve how your organization attracts, motivates, develops and retains employees.

We use Culture Amp to find ways to improve, to benchmark ourselves against best-in-class companies, and to deliver on our commitment of being data-driven in every area of the business.

Neil Blumenthal

CEO at Warby Parker