Reduce employee turnover

When a valued employee leaves, your bottom line suffers. Replacing a single employee can cost 6 to 9 months of their salary in hiring, training and lost productivity.

Predict attrition. Boost retention. And help your people thrive with Culture Amp.


per departing employee based on hiring costs and lost productivity 1


of workers are either actively looking for a new job or are open to one 2

$7 trillion

in lost productivity due to disengaged employees 3

For our developer community, we reduced employee turnover by nearly 50% and Culture Amp has been critical in helping us achieve that improvement.

Christos Tsaprounis

Head of People & Culture at AutoTrader


Keep your best people with you (and away from your competitors)

When employees are engaged and developing, they stick around. Culture Amp gives you the tools and insight you need to bring turnover down and performance up.

Increase retention by boosting engagement

Culture Amp makes it easy to collect and understand your employee engagement data. So you can take action and keep engagement (and retention) up.

  • Predict attrition with powerful machine learning algorithms
  • Get the data and resources you need to take early action and address hotspots and issues. Before they lead to unwanted attrition.
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Performance management that makes your employees want to stay

When you have a good performance management program, employees stay with you.
Help all of your employees improve constantly with:

  • Continuous feedback they’ll actually look forward to receiving
  • Science-backed content and resources to accelerate their development
  • Fair evaluations that genuinely help employees improve (without bias or negativity)
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