The Culture Amp Platform

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Collect, understand and act on employee feedback – all in one place

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The Culture Amp Platform


Design a feedback program to perfectly fit your needs

Draw on our research-backed survey library or build your own. Enable employees to contribute feedback securely and quickly on almost any device. Control who sees what and when, with powerful access control.

Make feedback a part of how you work

Culture Amp integrates with a growing list of leading HRIS, Enterprise Messaging and Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

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Get started quickly, grow with confidence

Culture Amp is easy to learn, and grows with you. Whether you’re just getting started or feedback fanatics, 100 people or 100,000, our global team of people geeks is here to help every step of the way.


You can have 360 feedback, manager feedback, feedback on what drives engagement. Connecting it gives you powerful insight.

Matt Hoffman, VP of People at DigitalOcean

Our Approach

Modern psychology

Our team of organizational psychologists use our own and other current research to reimagine survey strategy and shape new products.

Sophisticated analytics

Our data scientists are constantly evolving and adding tools to Culture Amp. The platform automatically surfaces key drivers, and provides text analysis and heat maps.

Leading technology

We’ve built an in-house team of the world’s leading engineers, product designers and UX specialists to ensure Culture Amp’s powerful capability is accessible to everyone.

People Geek community

Our global community explores how data can drive a better world to work in. Share ideas and learn from experts at events, classes, online and within the platform.

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