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SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK (May 19, 2021) –– Culture Amp and LifeLabs Learning today announced a strategic partnership, bringing together science, people and technology to drive positive behavior change at scale within organizations. The partnership, to be launched at Culture First Americas today, sees the integration of expert content from LifeLabs Learning into the Culture Amp platform, in order to help managers and employees develop the skills they need to be more effective.

  • Rapidly empowering managers with the skills that make the biggest difference: coaching, feedback, prioritization, and effective one-on-ones.
  • 94% of managers using Culture Amp’s Skills Coach tool with LifeLabs Learning’s content agreed that they had improved their skills and are leading more effectively.
  • 68% of the peers of managers using Skills Coach also noticed behavior improvements in managers using the tool.

“The Culture Amp and LifeLabs Learning partnership is an exciting step forward in our commitment to creating a better world of work and effecting lasting positive change where it’s needed most, with managers. In partnership with LifeLabs Learning, we can not only help managers learn new skills, we can also help them apply those skills in practice, and form better habits for themselves and their team,” explains Culture Amp Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Rod Hamilton. “The future of learning is personalised, just in time and research based. We’re excited to be at the forefront of workplace learning with the LifeLabs Learning team.”

“Combining our research and learning with Culture Amp’s technology platform will enable more managers to go from good to great, faster. Through our work with companies around the globe we’ve researched the tipping point skills that will have the biggest impact at organizations, in the shortest time, and we’re thrilled to be able to share that knowledge with Culture Amp’s customers,” said LifeLabs Learning, Co-CEO Tania Luna.

LifeLabs Learning is a team of over 100 experts, working with over 1,000 companies around the globe to teach employees leadership, collaboration, and inclusion skills. Focused on the rapid skill-up of managers, LifeLabs Learning concentrates on tipping point skills, those behaviors that are most impactful within organizations in the shortest time frame.

Coaching, feedback, prioritization, and effective one-on-ones are the first tipping point skills to be integrated into the Skills Coach tool. LifeLabs Learning studied what the best managers have in common and determined that these are the behaviors most needed for managers and teams to thrive in the workplace today and into the future.

Creating a positive learning loop around the skills that matter most: Integrating LifeLabs Learning into Culture Amp’s Skills Coach.

Skills Coach uses the latest behavioral science and spaced repetition techniques to drive positive change in managers. The highly actionable, interactive exercises take less than two minutes to complete and help busy managers to put their new skills into daily practice to effect lasting behavior change.

By integrating LifeLabs Learning’s content and sessions into Culture Amp’s Skills Coach, managers can not only harness conversational microlearning, they can also leverage Culture Amp’s embedded measurement tools and reinforcement engine, in order to make sure that newly learned behaviors stick.

Culture Amp’s partnership with LifeLabs Learning creates a manager development loop, allowing managers to learn new skills, apply them in practice, and turn them into sustained behavior. This development loop is designed to accelerate how managers acquire the key skills and behaviors that ultimately help them to adapt and succeed in a highly dynamic work environment.

Driving significant positive behavior change in managers.

Since the launch of Culture Amp’s Skills Coach in October 2020, the 20-day programs have been used by tens of thousands of managers. An early access program of the Skills Coach and LifeLabs Learning integration is indicating promising outcomes for managers and organizations alike. 94% of managers using Culture Amp’s Skills Coach with LifeLabs Learning’s content agreed that they had improved their skills and are leading more effectively. The peers of those managers have also noticed positive change. 68% of the peers of managers using Skills Coach also noticed positive behavior improvements in managers using the tool.

Partnership brings together the best of technology and people science.

Laura Nichols, Associate Director, Learning & Organizational Development at HelloFresh commented on the partnership:

“We’re so excited that Culture Amp and LifeLabs Learning are partnering - not only are they both a wonderful fit for our fast-paced culture here at HelloFresh, but this is going to allow us to give our employees access to more high quality and relevant leadership development content from LifeLabs Learning throughout many of their regular touchpoints with the Culture Amp platform. One of the reasons we love Culture Amp so much is the guidance their People Scientists provide to our organization and how we design our processes; this is taking that to the next level by bringing in the expertise from LifeLabs Learning too.”

See the partnership in action at Culture First Americas.

More information on the partnership and the new Skills Coach capabilities will be shared at Culture First Americas today, along with sessions led by the LifeLabs Leaning team on creating outstanding managers (2x faster) and creating high-performance cultures. To register to attend for free please visit

For companies seeking to activate the new Skills Coach capabilities, backed by LifeLabs Learning science, please visit:

Digital assets for the Culture Amp and LifeLabs Learning partnership

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LifeLabs Learning is the go-to leadership skills accelerator for 1,000+ innovative companies (like Warby Parker, TED, GoPro, and The New York Times). We train managers, execs, and teams in ‘tipping point skills’ — small changes that make a big impact on performance and engagement — and help weave them into the fabric of company culture. Our learning experiences are short, fun, science-based, and immediately practical. Learn more at


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