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For the past two years, we've faithfully publish our newsletter, The People Geekly, to nearly 30,000 People Geeks.  Each issue contains five curated articles - the best content from the Culture Amp blog, and interesting stories about people and culture from around the web. 

We'll share some of the history of the People Geekly, how it's put together, and some of our favorite articles from years past. 

The history of The People Geekly

Bronwen Clune, previous Director of PR & Comms at Culture Amp, started the newsletter as a way to build better People Geeks. “We saw it as an important part of doing that and building up our community,” says Clune.

In the early days, a few members of the Marketing Team would all help summarize the chosen articles for the week. Now, as we grow and roles become more specialized, one person is dedicated to compiling content on a weekly basis. Senior Content Marketing Manager Alexis Croswell is currently that person. "When I was working as an office manager at my previous job, I loved getting The People Geekly every week,” says Alexis. 

“Without scouring the internet all day, I’d get articles that I wanted to read about diversity and new data trends in HR delivered to my sacred inbox (I’m an inbox zero person). Reading these stories inspired me to attend more events with People Geeks, and eventually led to my role at Culture Amp. Now, as a Camper I get to read and curate articles each week. It’s exciting to know that thousands of people will see this newsletter and get something useful out of it. I love that we have so much involvement on finding and discussing articles internally, and the response from our community is always great, which makes me happy.”

In early 2017, we began adding a section for thoughts from our CEO, Didier Elzinga, and have recently added more content from our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jason McPherson. We launched an exciting new design in early 2018, and we'll continue to develop the newsletter as we grow. 

How the People Geekly is curated

It's a company effort to find the best articles for The People Geekly, and we use Slack to share stories for consideration. Of the 500+ channels in our company Slack team, one is dedicated to the newsletter. As people see articles that would be of interest to our community, they post them to #newsletter. 

In addition to the five stories, The People Geekly has news on upcoming events like our People Geekups, educational webinars, and conferences we're attending. 

Damon Klotz, Head of Industry and Public Relations has this to say about the success of The People Geekly:

I’ve been both a reader and consumer of HR and Talent related content for several years, so I knew there was an appetite in the global community for curated content. Knowing that there is a team of People Geeks who are curating great content and summarizing it every week has resonated with our community. We receive several emails every week saying that The People Geekly provides timely and digestible content that practitioners are able to utilize during their working week and to be a better people geek.

Bronwen adds, “I'd like to think it's been successful because we've managed to provide a great resource to the People Geek community we set out to serve. It's also something that everyone within Culture Amp can contribute to in finding great articles and sharing them internally. I'm proud of the way we all collaborate and contribute to it as a company.”

Interested in getting The People Geekly delivered to you? Subscribe to The People Geekly here.

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