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Culture Amp team effectiveness survey

Toby Roger

Former Director of Product Marketing, Culture Amp

With the expansion of knowledge work and the shift to flatter organizations, the nature of work has changed. In place of hierarchical, bureaucratic structures, adaptable teams have become the central building block of the modern organization.

Despite this, many organizations don’t have the data needed to improve the way their teams work. From the insight we gained working with the world's most innovative companies, we finally have a solution to this problem.

Our new Team Effectiveness survey uses inward feedback to help teams understand how productivity, cohesion, and alignment are driving their overall success.

What makes Team Effectiveness different?

Team Effectiveness can be used in a range of settings to drive improvements in team productivity throughout different levels of the organization.

Team Effectiveness is a seamless, professional and easy-to-use product that enables my team to support team development in critical areas.

— Sylvia DavisCorporate Development Manager

Culture Amp's Team Effectiveness improves upon traditional team diagnostics because:

  1. It's focused on team development instead of evaluation.
  2. It's backed by research, incorporating the latest theory and a combination of industry and academic research.
  3. It's built on Culture Amp's easy-to-use platform providing real-time analytics at the organization and team level.
  4. It's action-oriented, enabling teams to adapt, change and improve.

McDonald's' Corporate Development Manager (AU), Sylvia Davis, used Team Effectiveness to help understand the different drivers of productivity between teams. She says, "I love the level of flexibility in setting up the survey with questions and demographics. It's invaluable for us to be able to customize the experience for departments with differing priorities, opportunities, and concerns."

Team Effectiveness can be used alongside Employee Engagement diagnostics as a way to better understand specific teams, or in conjunction with the other Employee Effectiveness diagnostics to get managers "feedback ready" for 180° feedback and individuals ready for 360° feedback.

How does a Team Effectiveness survey work?

Team Effectiveness gives you everything you need to start collecting feedback on team development. The survey takes employees just ten minutes and can be completed on almost any device. If you want to customize, add or remove questions to tailor the survey to your organization, that's easy too.

Real-time reporting provides an aggregated perspective across teams and identifies key drivers for overall team effectiveness inside the organization. Each team is also provided with a report that breaks down their team’s specific strengths and opportunities for improvement.

With this new understanding of Team Effectiveness inside your organization, you can work collaboratively with your teams to identify where you want to focus and what action to take.

Ready to improve your team's effectiveness?

Team Effectiveness is now available to current Culture Amp Employee Effectiveness customers at no additional cost.

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