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We built Individual Effectiveness to change the way organizations use 360° feedback to develop employees. By designing an approach that minimizes biases and moves the conversation from evaluation to development, we've empowered employees to own their learning and development journey.

With the introduction of insights and participation reporting, we're now extending the benefits of employee-centric 360° feedback to enable organizations to better understand development opportunities at an organizational level.

Insights and participation reports for Individual Effectiveness complete the missing view L&D leaders are looking for to make better organizational decisions around learning and development using data collected in 360° feedback surveys.

Participation reports make running 360° feedback programs at scale easy

The participation report helps you better understand response rates to requests and the organization's feedback load in a single intuitive report.

Let's say you're kicking off 360° processes for a department or office; you can now see how the feedback workload will be dispersed across the company and make adjustments to ensure that no single person is overburdened by too many requests for feedback.

Then, while processes are in-flight, you can see feedback response rates for each person requested to provide feedback, making it easy to nudge people who may not be providing the feedback requested.

Once the feedback cycle ends, the participation report summarizes overall participation and self-response rates allowing you to get a clear assessment of the organization's overall engagement with the 360° process or identify individuals who may need to request a little extra feedback before diving into their results.

Insights reports highlight meaningful opportunities for learning and development

While the participation report gives you visibility into how employees engage in the feedback process, you can use the Insight Report to understand where the organization excels and what areas to focus on for improvement.

Use the top strengths chart to understand where the organization is excelling.  This information can help you understand whether or not L&D programs like leadership or manager training are having the impact you want. In the example below, you can see that being approachable and productive are the top strengths of this group.

On the other hand, the top opportunities section can help you better understand where your organization can develop. Equipped with this information, you can implement L&D programs to build employees' skills, abilities, and behaviors based on the opportunities identified by their fellow employees.  This company, for example, might look at ways to roll out technical training or focus on hiring experts.

Use the manager feedback section to coach managers on how they can better spend their time to be more effective. Not only does this insight guide managers towards action at the individual level, but it can also help you understand where to invest further in coaching and manager training and determine whether or not existing managerial training practices are working.

Insights and participation reports are now available for all current Employee Effectiveness customers at no additional cost. To learn more about the details of the report, check out the Insight Report academy page.

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