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Headquarters: Singapore

Guest Speaker: Marie-Frédérique Romain, VP of Sales at Airbus for the Pacific Region

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In this episode, host Craig Forman speaks with Marie-Frédérique Romain, VP of Sales for the Pacific Region at Airbus – and one of the youngest female executives in the aviation industry.

MF (as she's known in aviation circles) is a passionate, talented leader known for leading with care. As the VP of Sales for Airbus, she has contributed to the sale of over 450 aircrafts across Europe, Asia and the Pacific since joining the company in 2011.

MF discusses how her early mentors shaped her leadership style, the role humility plays when selling aircraft, and the key personality traits she looks for when hiring new talent.

Listen to this episode now to discover:

  • The early influences of Marie’s career and the lessons she took from impactful leaders before her
  • How Marie leveraged her gender and age to build her career and why it was a strength
  • The career issues women face when growing their family and how to navigate this
  • The process and number of people involved in the selling of an aircraft (more than you might imagine)
  • Marie’s thoughts on leadership and why authenticity and vulnerability are so important today
  • The role humility plays in sales
  • Marie’s insights on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • How to speak up when experiencing inappropriate comments in the workplace (and why this is everyone’s responsibility)

Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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