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2024 Workplace DEI report

Current realities of the DEI landscape

We are living in a vastly different world than when we published our last Workplace diversity equity, and inclusion report in 2022. Economic strain and sociopolitical backlash seem to have caused organizations to take a troubling step back from DEI initiatives.

However, many companies have responded to this climate by renewing their commitment with a pivot in their approach.

In this report, we’ll explore the latest DEI trends to understand the impact of decreasing investment in DEI, how this impacts employee engagement, and what organizations can do to make meaningful improvements that drive business impact.

By pairing DEI benchmark data from 390 companies and over 175,000 employees with State of the DEI Landscape survey results from 165 companies, our findings shed light on the actions and strategies that move the needle on DEI.

Focusing on diversity and inclusion improves the bottom line


  • 64%points more engagement in employees who believe the company values diversity

  • 3.3xMore likely to leave in employees who believe the company doesn’t value diversity

  • 6.8%Higher stock price among companies who value diversity

In this report, we’ll dive into:

The global landscape

Perception of DEI in the workplace is falling among employees and HR professionals.


Employees with intersecting identities face unique workplace hurdles that require a nuanced approach.

Ways to make meaningful impact

Bringing DEI principles into already existing programs has a bigger impact.

In order to achieve our mission to build a better world of work, we must consider and invest in the experience of all people.

Source: Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano, VP of Equitable Operations, Culture Amp (2024 Workplace DEI report)

Why DEI matters in 2024:

Higher engagement

Employees who strongly believe their company values diversity are 84% engaged – while those who strongly disagree are 20% engaged.

Engagement in DEI

Reduced turnover

Employees who strongly believe
their organization doesn’t value diversity are 3.3x more likely to leave in a 12-month period.

Reduced turnover in DEI strategy

Business performance

Companies that value diversity have a 6.8% higher stock price.

Business performance in DEI strategy
2024 DEI report cover

Discover data backed DEI strategies that truly move the needle

Learn how to make meaningful improvements that drive business impact with our 2024 Workplace DEI report.