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Didier Elzinga at Google Summit
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The employee experience platform

After gathering feedback from thousands of employees around the world and taking the pulse of each workforce, it’s become clear: Each organization’s culture is unique, but its problems are not. The same concerns come up across industries, organization types, and sectors.

A common struggle at many organizations is that the sheer volume of employee data available to them makes it challenging to process. Understanding qualitative data can be time-consuming while summarizing employee feedback is open to human bias.

AI gives us the potential to change that.

We’re excited about Generative AI as a tool for unlocking greater value for Culture Amp customers. Through our unique partnership with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, we’re building robust, responsible, anLd secure AI tools.

Didier Elzinga at Google Cloud Summit

Our AI tools, powered by people science and informed by data, are designed to save you time and help you make better decisions.

Let's explore specific examples of how we currently use generative AI and some of our future plans.

  • Now: AI Comment Summaries
  • Next: AI for Performance Management
  • Later: “Pocket Scientist”

Now: Summarize comments in seconds

AI-powered Comment Summaries are now available to all Culture Amp customers. Comment Summaries use generative AI to create intelligent summaries of employee feedback and comments, painting a clear picture of company sentiment for HR leaders.

Rather than trawling through thousands of pieces of employee commentary, you can access AI-generated summaries supported by specific quotes and reference points to help you grasp the full employee experience.

Understand at a glance:

  • What are the common concerns across your workforce?
  • What challenges are employees facing?
  • What’s working well?
  • What are the topics and sub-topics that matter most to your employees?
  • And, what are the positive and negative employee experiences related to those areas?

Comment Summaries give you instant, secure, and unbiased summaries of the topics that matter most to your employees. So you can make the right decisions based on accurate and actionable insights – all without the heavy lifting. What previously took hours of review can now be done in a matter of seconds.

Access objective, accurate, and actionable insights to craft a compelling narrative that inspires clear next steps across your company. Help leaders understand what your employees need and the rationale behind your recommendations.

More than 400 customers worldwide have already trialed our AI-generated Comment Summaries, and they report saving a combined 6,600 hours – the equivalent of 40 working months.

“I love this new feature! The summaries themselves will be really helpful for reporting and presenting the information to our leaders, and I like that we can easily see representative comments.”

— Sharon StewartOrganizational Development Specialist at AA Insurance

Next: Simplify performance management with AI

The next stop on our AI roadmap is a Writing Assistant designed to improve written feedback in order to make regular feedback, performance reviews, and development planning more equitable and effective.

For example, many people find writing performance reviews tedious, time-consuming, and difficult to do well. Employee Profiles in the Culture Amp platform help managers save time by delivering a central and synthesised view of available data on employee performance. Paired with our AI-powered Writing Assistant, managers will be able to write effective feedback with ease and provide meaningful and relevant reviews.

This means you can move from static to dynamic insights and apply them to each individual on your team.

For example, one of the static insights from our people research is that high performers want more critical feedback.

High performers want more constructive feedback

If our Writing Assistant identifies that you’re writing a performance review for one of your highest performers, it could use this insight to suggest giving that person more critical feedback than you give others on your team.

Data-backed insights like these help people become better managers and leaders while enhancing the employee experience.

Later: Put people science in your pocket

Comment Summaries, powered by AI, give you accurate and actionable summaries of the topics that matter most to your employees – so you can make the right decisions and prioritize the right initiatives – all without the heavy lifting. Our Writing Assistant will help ensure your performance and development processes become more equitable and effective over time.

Further down the line, we have ambitious plans to launch what we’re calling “Pocket Scientist.” It will help you understand the trends and patterns across your team, organization, and company, and deliver context and action recommendations with every insight. It’s like having a people scientist available to you across the whole platform, synthesizing all the data to help leaders understand the next best action they should take – and why.

It could remind you to give feedback to a team member, highlight potential focus areas, apply feedback from your latest people survey to decision-making, and more. Think of it as having a people scientist in your pocket, helping everyone understand what is most important to focus on next.

Didier Elzinga at Google Cloud Summit

Sharing the journey with you

As technology evolves, so do the needs of our customers.

For most organizations today, the biggest challenge isn’t time or money – it’s sustaining the attention of leaders, managers, and employees.

Our AI tools help you focus attention on the work that matters most while saving time and adding value.

We’re excited to be on this journey with you, and we look forward to continuing to use technology to create a better world of work.

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See how you can leverage instant, secure, and accurate summaries to inform business-critical decisions – without the heavy lifting.

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