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  • In May, Culture Amp released a ‘return readiness’ survey to help leaders to track, measure and manage what matters in the next phase as companies begin the recovery process.
  • Data from 32,000 employees across 95 companies globally shows that only 34% of employees will feel safe being in the workplace once restrictions are lifted, and 51% of employees are looking forward to returning to the workplace

[June 18 2020, Melbourne] Culture Amp, the leading people and culture platform, today released data from its ‘return readiness’ survey.

More than 32,000 employees from 95 companies completed the survey within the platform. The survey is designed to help companies track, measure and manage how employees are responding as the recovery process begins and businesses start to return to the workplace.

The data has revealed that companies are doing their best to prepare for a return to the workplace, but there is still a lot of uncertainty and that, in the interim, the majority of employees would prefer to continue working remotely.

The data found that employees do feel supported:

  • 85% feel confident they would receive support from coworkers if needed;
  • 79% know where to raise concerns about transitioning back to the workplace; and
  • 80% would feel comfortable raising concerns about transitioning back to the workplace.

However, there are concerns and a level of uncertainty about what to expect going back into the workplace:

  • I will feel safe being in the workplace when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted (34%)
  • I would feel safe using Company's workplace facilities (e.g. gym, cafeteria, social areas) when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted (38%)
  • I would feel safe traveling to the workplace when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted (37%)
  • I would feel comfortable traveling for work related purposes (e.g. attending offsite meetings) when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted (31%)
  • I would like my company to implement more safety measures as we return to the workplace (48%).

Culture Amp CEO and co-founder, Didier Elzinga said:

“Part of the reluctance or uncertainty of returning to the workplace may relate to the ease with which employees have transitioned to working remotely. Only 51% of employees are looking forward to returning to the workplace, while 84% believe they can work as effectively remotely as they can in the workplace.”

“The data is telling us that people don't really feel safe to go back to work at present, but this feeling is fluid. It will change week to week as restrictions ease further.

“We should expect that it will be harder for companies to navigate the return to work than it was sending everyone home to work remotely. Leaders need to realise that it will be a long road and people will be on their own, distinct journeys.”

“We should also expect that organisations will face lasting changes. The vast majority of employees may want to return to the office, but only a couple of days a week, for meetings, or for when it works for them.”

“Organisations will now need to consider models for distributed work, including reconceiving the spaces they have and how to design work for teams that work more from home than they do from the office.”

Further details about Culture Amp’s ‘return readiness’ survey can be found here: ing-to-the-workplace-survey-template.

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