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Culture Amp

360° Review Platform

Empower people to drive their own development with a 360° review platform

360° reviews are a type of feedback that give individuals, teams, and managers the opportunity to understand what they’re doing well and where they can improve.

By sourcing feedback from multiple perspectives, these reviews help paint a comprehensive picture of performance, highlight critical strengths, and inform key learning and growth opportunities.

See why leading organizations worldwide use Culture Amp’s action-oriented 360° degree reviews to improve engagement, boost retention, and supercharge development.

6,500+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

Benefit everyone in your organization

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Spark employee development with a fair and well-rounded view of their performance, strengths, and key growth areas.

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Boost communication, collaboration, and performance with balanced feedback that clarifies expectations and keeps teams aligned.

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Empower managers to be better managers with transparent, constructive reviews that become impactful action plans.


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Goal tracking

Keep your company aligned and on track

Tap into proven methodologies for setting and managing goals and OKRs for individuals and teams – both traditional and cross-functional.

Keep your company ~~aligned~~ and on track

Drive meaningful conversations between managers and employees

Set managers and employees up for meaningful, regular conversations that foster connection, ensure alignment, and drive progress.

Drive ~~meaningful~~ conversations between managers and employees
Reviews & calibrations

Create a fair and trusted performance review process

Powerful calibrations are key to effective performance reviews. Track and understand employee performance ratings with custom views for each stakeholder.

Create a ~~fair~~ and ~~trusted~~ performance review process
Continuous feedback

Create a culture of growth through continuous, real-time feedback

Don’t wait for formal reviews to let people know how they’re doing. With Culture Amp, anyone can give and request feedback throughout the year.

Create a culture of ~~growth~~ through continuous, real-time feedback

Build a culture of recognition and appreciation

Foster a culture of feedback while boosting employee motivation and engagement by making it easy to recognize and amplify employees within the flow of work.

Build a culture of ~~recognition~~ and ~~appreciation~~
Effectiveness & 360 feedback

Improve your team’s impact with 360 degree feedback.

Give individuals at all levels a comprehensive understanding of their performance based on diverse perspectives.

Improve your team’s impact with ~~360 degree~~ feedback.

Build a world-class employee experience today