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Working through crisis

We launched WORKING THROUGH IT in response to the upheaval we’re experiencing around the world. Though we have reached the end of our seven-part journey, this likely won’t be the last crisis we face in our lifetime. That’s why we compiled our learnings to help us face the next period of uncertainty – no matter how large or small.




Working through crisis

There’s no playbook for periods of uncertainty – but we created this toolkit to help you work through it.


Highlights from the WORKING THROUGH IT podcast series

Culture First podcast by Culture Amp

  • Episode 14

    Special: What did I learn from hosting this podcast during a crisis?

    Join our host Damon Klotz as he reflects on the previous 13 episodes of the series and how they’ve helped him work through it during this time. Damon will share which moments from the episodes he has found himself coming back to, where he’s struggling and how he plans to act on these learnings in the future.



Working through it –A collective, seven-part journey through crisis.

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