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Wellbeing Survey Global January 2021

The wellbeing survey has been a staple offering from Culture Amp for the last few years, created to help organizations keep a pulse on (and improve) employee overall emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. But what this has looked like changed drastically in 2020, prompting us to create a separate covid wellbeing survey based on those unique needs. In mid 2021 we combined our standard wellbeing survey and covid wellbeing survey into a single question set to signify how factors contributing to wellbeing have changed for good with the new world of work. The following insights are from responses to the regular wellbeing survey in 2020.

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The data meet our criteria as being robust and reliable; unlikely to substantially change over time; and representative of the wider industry. Read more about the methodology.

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Industry breakdown

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How are employees feeling about their wellbeing?

80% of employees feel an overall sense of work wellbeing.

Overall Wellbeing

Overall wellbeing is defined as how absorbed and positive an employee feels about their work and utlimately if they think their work contributes to their wellbeing

I often find myself absorbed in the work I am doing here


I usually feel very positive towards work at [Company]


Most days, I really look forward to work at [Company]


On the whole, I believe working at [Company] is good for my wellbeing


It's great to see overall wellbeing so high at 80%. To know that over 8 in 10 people feel absorbed in their work is one shining light from 2020. And the fact that at least 3 out of 4 employees agreed to each of the outcome questions is a testament to the work companies have been doing to put their people first.

We noticed there's appetite from companies to include wellbeing into their broader engagement surveys, this is evidenced by the fact that over 2000 companies asked wellbeing questions in 2020. To support this we've created the wellbeing question set, which you can draw from to add to your own survey. This combines the best questions from our standard wellbeing survey and our covid wellbeing survey.

Which questions matter the most?

The work itself is incredibly important for employees to feel a sense of wellbeing. Specifically, enjoying the work, knowing it is worthwhile, and being able to use their strengths. Additionally, if someone likes the work they're doing, they'll likely feel a fast pace is energizing, while someone who dislikes their work would find the same pace to be stifling.


I am enjoying the work that I am doing

82% favorable

Progress and Growth

In general, I feel what I am doing at work right now is worthwhile

85% favorable

Meaningful work

I can see how the work I am doing is making a positive difference at [Company]

84% favorable

Meaningful work

The work I do makes good use of my strengths

79% favorable

Progress and Growth

I find the current pace of work at [Company] energizing

61% favorable

Work Pressure

Least favorable areas

People answering Wellbeing Survey Global January 2021 were least favorable about the following areas:

It's clear that many employees are feeling stressed and this carries over to not being fresh the next day to take on new challenges. While the retention item is one of the lowest in the wellbeing survey, it's in line with the favorability we see in the engagement survey and across the years.


I rarely feel overstressed by my work

46% favorable

Work Pressure

I typically wake up feeling fresh and rested for work

53% favorable

Energy and resilience

I rarely think about looking for a job at another company

59% favorable

Overall Wellbeing / Retention

Insights data provided by Culture Amp.

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