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Onboarding Global 2021

Our onboarding surveys help companies see if they are providing new hires with the things they need to be successful. They can be sent at a single point in time or at important milestones for your new hires. Based on when the majority of our customers send them, we have benchmarks for 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months.

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The data meet our criteria as being robust and reliable; unlikely to substantially change over time; and representative of the wider industry. Read more about the methodology.

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Industry breakdown

  • Computer Software


  • Internet


  • Information Technology and Services


  • Financial Services


  • Marketing and Advertising


  • Hospital & Health Care


  • Health, Wellness and Fitness


Region breakdown

  • North America


  • Europe


  • Oceania


  • Asia


  • MEA


  • South America


How engaged are new hires?

92% of new hires are already connected and committed to the organization


Engagement is defined as the level of connection and commitment an employee feels to the organization and is assessed using the following 5 questions.

I am proud to work for [Company]


I would recommend [Company] as a great place to work


I see myself still working at [Company] in two years' time


I rarely think about looking for a job at another company


[Company] motivates me to go beyond what I would in a similar role elsewhere


In 2020 the outcome index was Engagement, but in early 2021 we created a new Onboarding Experience factor to more directly assess successful onboarding. You can read more about it in our support guide.

Overall we tend to see Onboarding survey scores be very high since employees are still in the honeymoon period. From the 2 week benchmark to the 3 month benchmark we typically see a decrease in about 3-4 points across all items except for productivity.

Which questions matter the most?

When it comes to what makes new hires most likely to be engaged, the common theme is alignment. Specifically if the organization and role matches their expectations, and it's clear how their work will align with the organization's long-term goals. Relatedly, it's important from the very beginning to have clear conversations about long-term career development.


I still feel like this is a great organization for me

97% favorable

Organizational Alignment

I still feel like this is a great role for me

94% favorable

Role Perceptions

My experience of the organization has matched my expectations

91% favorable

Organizational Alignment

I have a good idea about what I can do to have a successful career here

86% favorable


I understand how my role contibutes to the organizational goals of [Company]

96% favorable

Organizational Alignment

Least favorable areas

People answering Onboarding Global 2021 were least favorable about the following areas:

The lowest scoring questions are all centered around training. Specifically whether employees have had training on core processes, whether that training has been effective, and ultimately if they felt the whole induction program was effective. While these are the lowest questions in the benchmark, they have actually improved slightly from last year, demonstrating that while training is hard in-person or remote, companies have really put effort into making the process as seamless as possible.


I have had good training on the processes applicable to my role

80% favorable


My induction program was thorough and effective

82% favorable


My on-the-job training has been effective

84% favorable


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