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COVID-19 response Global January 2021

Since we launched this survey, we've had over 1300 customers be proactive in seeking feedback from their employees with regards to their organizational response. The insights we share below now reflect all data collected in 2020. It's important to note that there is self-selection bias in this benchmark in that organizations who have been able to pivot quickly to the circumstances are far more likely to have felt ready to get feedback about their COVID-19 response.

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The data meet our criteria as being robust and reliable; unlikely to substantially change over time; and representative of the wider industry. Read more about the methodology.

Data provided by Culture Amp

Industry breakdown

  • Computer Software


  • Information Technology and Services


  • Internet


  • Financial Services


  • Nonprofit Organization Management


  • Marketing and Advertising


  • Hospital & Health Care


Region breakdown

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  • South America


How well are organizations adapting to COVID-19?

92% of employees believe their organizations are adapting well to the COVID-19 crisis.

Company Confidence

Company confidence is defined using these three questions, getting at the heart of employee perceptions of organizational support and adaptability.

[Company] is making sufficient adjustments to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic


I have confidence in [Company]'s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


[Company] is supporting employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic


We've found company confidence is exceptionally high at 92% suggesting for companies that are surveying, employees are highly satisfied with their organization's response

Overall, we are seeing favorability scores for this survey trend much higher than we would for a typical engagement survey. This is likely because the nature of the questions differ markedly from our other templates. Given the extreme demands of the pandemic, we created our question set to focus on making sure employees' most basic needs are being supported. As per Maslow's hierarchy of needs these include physiological needs, safety, and belonging. Given the context, assessing higher-order needs around self-esteem and self-actualization are unlikely to i) be sensitive or sensible to ask employees around, or ii) be within scope for most organizations to influence right now.

Which questions matter the most?

We look at which questions most drive our desired outcome of Company Confidence in the organization's COVID-19 response. The data tells us that Leadership is highly important, with 3 of the top 5 drivers pertaining to Leadership's role. In addition, the strength of timely communications and safety are key to employees feeling confident in the company's response. And all of these questions we saw steadily rise in favorability over 2020.


I believe the leaders at [Company] are making effective decisions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

88% favorable


The leaders at [Company] are providing a sense of stability during the COVID-19 Pandemic

87% favorable


We are receiving timely communications from [Company] in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic

91% favorable


The leaders at [Company] are appropriately visible/accessible during the COVID-19 Pandemic

90% favorable


I feel safe carrying out my role during the COVID-19 Pandemic

93% favorable

Wellbeing and Health

Least favorable areas

People answering COVID-19 response Global January 2021 were least favorable about the following areas:

Our newest item is now the lowest scoring, which is unsurprising considering feeling equipped to look after family and dependents, which had been the lowest scoring, is a component of personal demands. Additionally, companies are struggling to keep employees up to date on changes to policies.


I feel equipped to manage both personal and work life demands right now

71% favorable


I feel equipped to look after family/dependants should I need to

81% favorable


I know where to find [Company]'s most up-to-date COVID-19 Pandemic policy

83% favorable


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