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Get more with Culture Amp & LifeLabs Learning

Culture Amp and LifeLabs Learning have partnered up to create an integrated approach designed to super charge employee development. Help your managers be better, faster by incorporating LifeLabs Learning’s hands-on, science-based live training with the powerful development tools already part of your Culture Amp account.

Employees with highly effective managers are


  • 4Xmore likely to recommend their company to others

  • 3Xmore likely to be highly engaged

  • 10Xmore likely to stay with their company

Supercharge your leadership development program by combining powerful technology and live training

Best in class leadership development

LifeLabs Learning is the go-to leadership skills accelerator for innovative companies (like TED, GoPro, and The New York Times). With courses powered by cognitive psychology and the science of rapid skills acquisition, they’ve helped thousands of managers develop at companies around the world.

Small changes, big impact

LifeLabs Learning focuses on ‘tipping point’ skills — skills where the smallest changes can make the biggest impact, fast — especially in times of uncertainty and rapid change. These are the skills modern managers need most, like coaching, feedback, and strategic thinking. LifeLabs Learnings’ workshops serve as practice labs for managers to master these skills 10-20x faster than they would through experience alone.

And, it’s working: 95% of their participants report they’ve learned useful skills.

We’re better together

Culture Amp’s Skills Coach, playbooks and feedback tools are perfectly aligned and integrated with LifeLabs Learning’s CORE framework. Streamline and accelerate the learning process for your employees by combining the two. Employees can now learn new skills in a LifeLabs Learning live training and then continue to practice and build healthy habits with Culture Amp.

  • LeeAnn Renninger

    Imagine having a one-stop shop to drive behavior change, fast! That’s what this integrated approach provides, and we're so excited to make it easier for you to transform your organizations.”

    LeeAnn Renninger

    Co-CEO & Co-Founder at LifeLabs Learning