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30 Aug 2023 - Melbourne, San Francisco, New York, London – Culture Amp, the leading employee experience platform, today announces a partnership with Pave, the category-leading compensation management software company. This strategic alliance marks a significant leap in the world of compensation management, allowing businesses to connect performance data to compensation decisions with precision and transparency.

Compensation has long been recognized as a critical factor in attracting and retaining top talent, while also being a key pillar of a company's financial planning. However, constructing fair, data-driven, and scalable compensation processes has remained a formidable challenge for HR teams and practitioners. In response, Culture Amp and Pave are partnering to bring about a much needed change.

This partnership is the latest addition to Culture Amp’s partner ecosystem launched in June, which provides its customers with a curated selection of consultancy and technology partners to elevate their employee experience and drive better business outcomes.

"Organizations are acutely aware of the critical role compensation plays in shaping their success," said Rich Anstett, Chief Revenue Officer of Culture Amp. "Our partnership with Pave allows our customers to seamlessly integrate performance data with compensation decisions, thereby fostering equitable, informed, and sustainable practices."

The Culture Amp and Pave partnership:

  • Empowers Data-Driven Decisions: By seamlessly connecting Culture Amp's performance data with Pave's comprehensive compensation suite, organizations can make informed decisions that optimize costs while fostering a culture of excellence.
  • Fosters Transparency and Trust: This partnership addresses the common challenge of opacity in compensation decisions. Employers can now correlate performance with compensation packages, nurturing a sense of fairness and appreciation.
  • Elevates the Employee Experience: Integrating Culture Amp's robust performance management with Pave's compensation expertise enhances the overall employee experience. It creates a holistic approach that enhances engagement, performance, and loyalty.
  • Streamlines Decision-Making: The alliance simplifies the complex process of compensation management. Leaders can now analyze compensation benchmarks, performance scores, and company budgets within a unified framework, resulting in more efficient decision-making.

Nick Salzman, Head of Partnerships at Pave said, "We are thrilled to partner with Culture Amp, embarking on a journey that places customer success at the forefront of our collaboration. This partnership signifies our dedication to delivering best-in-class solutions and underscores the essence of integrating top-tier performance management with compensation systems.”

In an era where employee experience and compensation strategy have significant impact on the trajectory of businesses, the Culture Amp and Pave partnership emerges as a collaboration that organizations can use to navigate the complex compensation landscape with confidence, agility, and integrity.

About Culture Amp

Culture Amp revolutionizes how over 25 million employees across 6,500 companies create a better world of work. As the global platform leader for employee experience, Culture Amp empowers companies of all sizes and industries to transform employee engagement, develop high performing teams, and retain talent via cutting-edge research, powerful technology, and the largest employee dataset in the world. The most innovative companies across the globe, such as PwC, KIND, SoulCycle, and BigCommerce depend on Culture Amp everyday.

Culture Amp is backed by over 10 years of innovation, leading venture capital funds, and offices in the U.S, U.K, and Australia. Culture Amp was recognized as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes and one of the most innovative workplace companies by Fast Company.

Learn more about how Culture Amp can help you create a better world of work at

About Pave

Pave is the leading data-driven compensation management platform that helps companies benchmark, plan, and communicate compensation. Pave is powered by the largest real-time compensation database for private companies. With Pave, leaders can access real-time compensation benchmarks with global coverage, manage compensation bands, run merit cycles seamlessly, and empower employees to understand the full value of their compensation.

Pave is trusted by more than 6,000 of the world’s most innovative companies.

Learn how Pave can help you make more accurate and equitable compensation decisions at

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