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Strengthens Culture Amp’s position as the market-leading employee experience platform and enhances its ability to deliver actionable insights and enable leaders to make better decisions, improve performance, and impact their company’s bottom line

LONDON / SAN FRANCISCO / MELBOURNE - March 20, 2024 - Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, announced today that it intends to acquire people analytics company, Orgnostic.

Founded in 2019, Belgrade-based Orgnostic is a people analytics product that allows enterprise organizations to quickly identify actionable insights across vast sources of people data. Its powerful data engineering and compelling people insights are delivered in an engaging and easy-to-use platform - equipping leaders with curated data to drive informed decisions. Orgnostic’s customers include Indrive, SmartRecruiters and Suzy.

The acquisition of Orgnostic will allow vast sets of organizational data to be infused with Culture Amp’s powerful AI platform, uniquely trained by people science, to unlock accessible and multi-dimensional people analytics. Culture Amp customers will be able to maximize the value of their existing tools and unlock business-critical insights by collecting, cleansing and synthesizing people data from disparate sources across the employee lifecycle.

Customers leveraging the power of Culture Amp's people science-driven platform, will soon be able to delve into previously siloed data sources to understand the driving forces behind critical people insights, such as employee attrition, poor engagement, productivity trends, salary gaps and many more.

Didier Elzinga, Co-founder and CEO of Culture Amp said, “The addition of Orgnostic to Culture Amp’s platform offering will make people analytics more accessible for HR teams, people analysts, and leaders across organizations.

“Culture Amp gives leaders the insights to make data informed decisions about one of the biggest drivers of business performance; employee experience. Leaders are increasingly challenged by their people data coming from a myriad of sources. Through this acquisition, Culture Amp will not only ingest the many information sources, but unlock the ability to analyze it against the predictive indicators we already have. Combined with our unique people science expertise, the opportunity to make meaning from previously disparate and disjointed data is exponentially powerful.

“Orgnostic is an incredibly impressive company and Luka, Igor and their team have built a leading edge product in the market. We’re thrilled to welcome the Orgnostic team to Culture Amp.”

Luka Babic, former CEO of Orgnostic, now a VP at Culture Amp, added, “We are incredibly excited to join forces with Culture Amp and to have the opportunity to empower countless leaders to transform their hidden and siloed organizational data into actionable knowledge.”

“We founded Orgnostic because we believe that people analytics is the key to unlocking meaningful changes in organizations, and we see an opportunity to rapidly accelerate what we set out to do by being part of Culture Amp.”

Speaking about the acquisition, Stacia Garr, RedThread Research Co-founder said, “The people analytics industry is shifting from a focus on collecting all the data to getting actionable insights into people’s hands so they can make better decisions that improve the employee experience.”

“As one of the leaders in the employee experience and engagement category, Culture Amp has excelled at getting people insights into the hands of managers. This acquisition of Orgnostic will allow Culture Amp’s customers to expand the types and frequency of insights available to managers of all levels. This should enable leaders, managers, and employees to make better decisions, improve their performance, and achieve more for their companies and themselves.”

"Culture Amp is a critical partner for us to get the employee engagement insights to drive meaningful impact for engagement, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction," said Lehua Stonebraker, SmartRecruiters' SVP People. "We're also a happy Orgnostic customer - our team loves how the product makes it easy to understand our data with valuable actions and tailored insights. Combining the power of holistic data is part of our priority and focus to help our business unlock our full potential."

Culture Amp’s People Analytics product will be available in the second half of 2024.

To learn more about Culture Amp’s vision for unlocking insights to drive performance, register for Culture First Global on May 14-15.

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About Culture Amp

Culture Amp is the world’s leading employee experience platform, revolutionizing how 25 million employees across more than 6,500 companies create a better world of work. Culture Amp empowers companies of all sizes and industries to transform employee engagement, drive performance management, and develop high-performing teams.

Powered by people science and the most comprehensive employee dataset in the world, the most innovative companies including Canva, On, Asana, Dolby, McDonalds and Nasdaq depend on Culture Amp every day.

Culture Amp is backed by leading capital venture funds and has offices in the US, UK, Germany and Australia. Culture Amp has been recognized as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes and most innovative companies by Fast Company.

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About Orgnostic

Orgnostic is a people analytics platform on a mission to democratize people analytics and build better organizations with the help of the right data.

The company was founded by Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic. Prior to starting Orgnostic, CEO Luka Babic was an award-winning HR manager, a member of the management board and the Head of People Operations at Infobip, enabling its growth from the startup stage to unicorn status. CTO Igor Bogicevic was previously the Co-founder and CTO of Seven Bridges Genomics, an industry leader in the domain of biomedical data analysis, named one of the 50 smartest companies by MIT Tech Review. He is also a member of the Forbes Tech Council.

Orgnostic enables HR, People Analytics, and other C-level leaders to get from messy data siloed in different HR tools to insights in a matter of days instead of months. The company provides leadership teams with high-quality organizational insights that build happier, more efficient and profitable organizations.


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