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Alternatives to Glint

What is the best alternative to Glint?

Engagement surveys
Onboarding and exit surveys
Diversity and inclusion survey
Performance reviews
Wellbeing survey
Goal tracking
Library of tried and tested
Diverse range of benchmarks
Built-in turnover prediction

Culture Amp and Glint are both real-time feedback platforms with a basis in psychology, user experience and powerful analytics, so what sets them apart?

6,000+ companies power their employee experience with Culture Amp

What makes Culture Amp different?

Take direct control, tap into collective intelligence and unlock new insight.

With Culture Amp, you’ll have on-demand access to design and control every aspect of the platform

With Glint, customization requires ongoing support, which costs more and slows you down

With Culture Amp, you can learn from over 6,000 companies putting their culture first. Culture Amp suggests what works in practice, not just theory

Glint only offers generic resources for employee engagement and development.

With Culture Amp, you can connect engagement, performance, and employee lifecycle insights in a single platform

Glint only offers engagement surveys and limited lifecycle surveys

Find out how Culture Amp can help your business

  • Lorie Boyd

    “Switching from Glint to Culture Amp allowed us to collect feedback across the employee lifecycle and take action faster. Having access to the collective intelligence of the People Geek community is invaluable.”

    Lorie Boyd

    VP of People at Turo

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