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2022 Workplace DEI Report

Demystifying the DEI landscape

Building an effective diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) strategy can feel like a leap in the dark. From limited resources to deficient data collection, organizations face many obstacles when trying to identify the actions that lead to real improvements in the employee experience.

Our 2022 Workplace DEI Report, Understanding the DEI landscape, was written precisely to help organizations like yours move from speculation to data-backed strategies. By collecting data from hundreds of companies globally, we were able to uncover which DEI initiatives do and don’t work.

This report looks at data from …


  • 2,100 +Companies that sought feedback on their DEI initiatives

  • 1.1 million +Employees who responded to DEI & engagement surveys

  • 297DEI practitioners who shared their company’s DEI practices

56% of respondents said they have a formal DEI council, but only 49% have a strategic diversity plan. Why?

Source: “Understanding the DEI landscape,” Culture Amp’s independent survey of DEI practitioners.

Use this report to:

Illustration with the outline of a head filled with brightly coloured objects and floating shapes around it

Understand the current state of DEI experience.

Illustration of a yellow graph with a line trending up and a floating hand pointing to a part of it

Learn which actions other organizations are taking.

Illustration of 5 pastel coloured balls interconnected by lines, the biggest blue ball has a white checkmark

Prove the value of DEI with data.

Illustration of a hand reaching for a heart in a circle amidst floating brightly coloured shapes

Prioritize the DEI initiatives with the greatest impact.

Evolve your DEI approach with data

By equipping yourself with key trends and insights, you can maximize the value of your DEI efforts – getting you one step closer to a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive world of work.

A sneak peek into the report

Companies say they’re doing more than what’s required for DEI, but few offer enough resources or measure the effectiveness.

chart of DEI survey data

Take a data-first approach to DEI

Collect data and feedback on:

  • How every employee feels
  • The effectiveness of past and ongoing DEI initiatives
  • Inequities in the employee experience
diversity & inclusion survey

Find your way forward – no matter where you are in your DEI journey

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Get a grasp of the fundamentals.

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Starting your DEI journey


Creating a DEI roadmap

Understand the journey and start mapping your path.

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Successfully execute your strategy with proven best practices.

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Build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world of work

Learn how Culture Amp can help you create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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