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DEI strategy eBook

Bring your DEI strategy to life

Despite 95% of organizations reporting they took up new DEI initiatives in 2021, research has shown that only 38% actually have a DEI strategy in place.

Execution without strategy can lead to burning time and effort on misplaced, low-impact efforts that don’t speak to your organization’s unique pain points and areas of opportunities.

Leadership buy-in and employee feedback is essential for paving the way to an effective DEI strategy. Luckily, there are proven best practices for bringing your DEI strategy to life.

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Learn how to gain essential leadership buy-in for DEI.

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Leverage feedback to build a foundational DEI strategy.

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Successfully execute your strategy with 11 actionable tips.

DEI strategy eBook

Jumpstart your DEI journey

Use these 11 simple and actionable tips to map your way to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world of work.