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Importance of employee development report

Put growth at the forefront of employee experience

Employee development is a proven driver of motivation and engagement. People’s want – and need – for a thoughtful approach to career development is increasingly becoming a must-have for culture first organizations.

Traditional approaches to development are often informal and inconsistent, leaving room for your employees to grow increasingly disengaged. As a matter of fact, Culture Amp’s research shows that employees without access to consistent development opportunities are 2x more likely to leave within a year.

Employee development directly impacts engagement, retention, and business success. By prioritizing and setting a solid development strategy that’s personalized to the experience and needs of your employees, you’ll be on track to retain your top talent and ultimately support business success.

Companies that prioritize employee development experience…


  • 24.3%more company growth (as measured by headcount)

  • 46%higher engagement for employees whose skills are being developed in line with interests

  • 21%more motivation among employees whose managers show an interest in their L&D

In this guide, you will learn:

Illustration of a yellow graph with a line trending up and a floating hand pointing to a part of it

The impact of employee development on engagement, retention, and business outcomes

Illustration of three people holding a green flag

How to prove the value of investing in employee development and gain leadership buy-in

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Tips and best practices from our people scientists

Make employee development a top priority

Investing in employee development isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do. Boost engagement, retention, and business outcomes.