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Better performance management

Performance management that goes beyond

Though performance management is an opportunity for organizations to improve the employee experience, traditional approaches can be clunky and ineffective.

Perform by Culture Amp was designed to make it easy to build a better performance process that helps companies accelerate growth and achieve their goals. However, its impact goes far beyond performance alone.

Culture Amp’s latest research shows that Perform not only improved employees’ perceptions of the performance process and career development, but also significantly reduced gender inequities in the employee experience. Dive into the research to learn how you can maximize performance management with Culture Amp.

The real-world impact of Perform:

illustration of various floating shapes and objects with a magnifying glass showing a smiley face on a ball

Improved employee perceptions of performance management process

Illustration of a high-five

Improved employee perceptions of career development opportunities

Illustration of three people holding a green flag

Significantly reduced gender inequities in the employee experience

Unlock the power of performance management

By investing in effective performance management, you can improve employee experiences, drive growth, and make a meaningful impact on equity.