Find out what’s driving retention and engagement in hospitals

With rising attrition rates for both doctors and nurses, healthcare HR professionals are asking themselves how they can keep caregivers longer.

The key is keeping them engaged. Motivated caregivers are happier at work, more compassionate with patients and stay longer in their roles. In our ebook, you can find out:

  • Why engagement matters
  • How employee engagement drives nurse and doctor retention
  • Key drivers of engagement in Healthcare



The Culture Amp difference

See the whole picture

From onboarding surveys to company-wide engagement, individual effectiveness and more, the platform manages multiple sources of feedback and connects the dots for you. All of our surveys are customizable and support your certification needs (including MAGNET).

No wait time

When you launch any Culture Amp survey, you’ll get personalized survey results in real-time, so you have all the information to make the best decisions.

Get to the heart of the matter

We’ll highlight the most powerful insights across departments and roles, so you know where to focus.

Cut through the red tape

Our auto-generated presentations are easy to visualize and share across teams and people – so recommendations become actions.

Culture Amp helps Mercy Health be a place where people want to work, providers want to practice, and people want to receive care.

Kyle F. Arnold

Director, People Analytics & Planning at Mercy Health