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Employee Retention eBook

5 ways to help retention (now)

Turnover comes at a high cost, both financially for the business and emotionally for the employees who’ve been left behind. Culture Amp’s people scientists have found that replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 30% to 200% of a person’s annual salary.

Today, millions of people are leaving their jobs in a phenomenon now known as “The Great Resignation.” One survey found that as many as 95% of employees are thinking about leaving their jobs.

But, your employees don’t have to be part of this statistic. Turnover is preventable, and there are actions your organization can take right now to engage and retain your employees.

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Get five tips to help improve retention and drive employee engagement today.

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Learn how to apply these tips and craft a culture first experience.

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Hear from HR practitioners, thought-leaders, and industry experts.

Improve retention, right now

Engage and retain your top talent using these 5 tips from HR experts & thought leaders.