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Culture Amp

Employee development toolkit

Develop and retain your people

Culture Amp data from more than three million employees illustrates the importance of development for business success. Research shows that employees who lack development opportunities are 41% more likely to leave their current company. These data points reinforce how focusing on employee development can drive growth and efficiency.

However traditional learning and development programs can be inconsistent, unstructured, and ineffective, leaving managers and employees ill-equipped to have productive conversations around growth.

This toolkit gives you the best practices to empower employees in driving their own growth and preparing managers with insights to support them along the way.

Download this toolkit to:

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Understand what employee development is and why it matters

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Drive engagement and retention with development opportunities

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Get started with meaningful changes that empower your people

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Learn how to design action-based development plans that work

As a homegrown Australian success story, we help 1500+ organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore create a better world of work

  • I’m so grateful that we as a company are supported and enabled by tools like Culture Amp, because it makes it easier to look after people. We need to know what’s important to people, what matters to them and that’s where Culture Amp works at scale.”

    Head of Culture at Vinomofo

Your guide to fostering a culture of development

Research shows that when companies prioritise growth, employees stay longer, perform better, and feel more connected.