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Agile performance management guide

Unlock the power of an agile performance management process

Organizations with a high-impact, effective approach to performance are 1.4x more likely to meet their financial targets and nearly 5x more likely to manage change effectively.

Unfortunately, research has shown that 95% of managers are dissatisfied with performance reviews, and only 13% of employees find the performance review process useful. It’s clearly time that organizations evolved their performance management process, yet overhauling the entire process at once is both daunting and extremely difficult.

That’s where an agile approach to performance management comes in. Rather than rebuilding everything at once, you can make meaningful changes over time – ultimately empowering your organization to improve responsiveness, adaptability, and execution, even in times of unexpected change.

In this guide, you will learn:

Illustration of three hands holding arrows pointing in different directions with lines suggesting movement

The importance of an agile approach to performance management

Illustration of a yellow graph with a line trending up and a floating hand pointing to a part of it

The four key stages of performance management evolution

Illustration with the outline of a head filled with brightly coloured objects and floating shapes around it

How to use the “building blocks” of performance management to make progress on your journey

Agile performance management guide

HR guide to agile performance management

Unlock the full potential of an agile performance process that empowers, engages, and retains your top talent.