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How to create a better world of work for ourselves and those around us with Seth Godin

Join the iconic and multiple NYT bestselling author Seth Godin for an eye-opening conversation that will change your mind about the modern realities of the world of work. In this moderated conversation, Seth discusses the difference between management and leadership, reflect upon the choice about how we spend our days, and why it’s within our power to make things better for ourselves and those around us.

Seth’s latest book, The Song of Significance, is an urgent manifesto for teams and leaders facing unprecedented challenges. It’s full of practical yet game-changing commitments we must make, and a list of organizational milestones on the way to significance. Seth is also an inductee in the marketing hall of fame, if you’ve ever wanted to sharpen your ability to help land ideas and change behaviors inside of your organization, then Seth’s session is a must-attend.