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Employee experience strategy

Creating an impactful employee experience

For many organizations, 2023 has ushered in a world of work that is more uncertain than ever. While change is inevitable, equipping yourself with the right tools and insights can help you respond to the unknown with confidence.

The employee experience is a defining opportunity for leaders, and during periods of change, this experience can be a make or break moment for retention. Below we’re sharing our top resources to help you build an impactful and resilient employee experience that harnesses the power of putting employees first.

In this eBook, you will learn:

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An overview of how to map the employee journey from start to finish

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Step-by-step worksheets for identifying key moments for your organization

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Guidance on prioritizing organizational values and high-impact actions

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The importance of gathering employee feedback during uncertain times (North America)

In this webinar, Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, Alex Alvarez, will discuss why it’s more important than ever to gather employee feedback, and how running an engagement survey during uncertain times is crucial to long-term business success.

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What trends will 2023 bring for HR? (EMEA)

Explore the 2023 trends HR leaders should be prepared for. Join David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway, and Jessica Brannigan, Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, as they discuss market uncertainty, cost increases, a competitive labor market, and the challenge of navigating the new and evolving balance of in-person, remote, or hybrid work.

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What trends will 2023 bring for HR? (APAC)

2023 is well underway, and everyone is asking the same question: What should be expected when it comes to the state of the workplace this year? Join Dr. Joel Davies, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, Damon Klotz, Work Culture Evangelist at Culture Amp, and Sarah McCann-Bartlett, CEO at AHRI, as they explore the challenges – and opportunities – facing organizations in the year ahead.

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Defining and co-creating the employee experience

A truly effective employee experience is shaped by the people it most impacts. Open the door for employees to make meaningful contributions to their own EX by adopting a continuous feedback model that helps lighten the load for HR teams too.

A guide to mapping your employee experience

Improve your employee experience today

Boost employee retention by identifying and amplifying the make-it-or-break-it moments that matter most in the employee journey.