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Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s over. With Culture First Americas on demand, you can relive your favorite sessions or discover new ones – anytime and anywhere you want to. Gain the insights you’ll need to transform your people practices, elevate workplace culture, and overcome uncertainty.

Dive into data, insights and practices on:

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Building and nurturing culture first foundations

Make culture the foundation of everything you do so you can overcome unexpected change.

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Designing impactful employee experiences for everyone

Learn what today’s leading organizations are doing to amplify the employee experience.

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Creating a better world through work

Leverage social impact and action to meet employees’ expectations for meaningful work.

Take notes from leading thinkers, researchers, and doers.


Oliver Burkemen, journalist and best selling author.

Oliver Burkeman

Journalist & bestselling author of 'Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals.'

Didier Elzinga, CEO & Co-Founder, Culture Amp

Didier Elzinga

CEO & Co-founder of Culture Amp – a fast-growing unicorn startup & global leader in employee experience.

Valerie Jarrett

CEO of the Obama Foundation, Board Chairman of Civic Nation, and Co-Chair of the United State of Women.

Portrait image of Susan Cain, #1 bestselling author.

Susan Cain

#1 bestselling author of ‘Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole’ and ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.’

Portrait image of Katasha Harley, Chief People Officer at Bravely.

Katasha Harley

Chief People Officer at Bravely, with 20+ years of experience working in the HR industry.

Portrait image of Kevin Yip, Co-Founder & COO at Blueboard.

Kevin Yip

President & Co-Founder at Blueboard.

Portrait image of David Whyte, poet, author and lecturer.

David Whyte

Internationally renowned poet and author, and a scintillating and moving speaker.

Edweena Stratton, CPO, Culture Amp

Edweena Stratton

Culture Amp’s CPO, with 20+ years of experience leading People & Culture at Salesforce, Oracle, and more.

Portrait image of Geoff Watts, Global Vice President of Human Resources at Wilson Sporting Goods.

Geoff Watts

Global Vice President of Human Resources at Wilson Sporting Goods.

Portrait image of Jennifer Shelvin, Vice President of Human Resources at Blueprint Medicines.

Jennifer Shevlin

Vice President of Human Resources at Blueprint Medicines.

Portrait image of Amanda Keleher, Chief People Officer at ConsenSys.

Amanda Keleher

Chief People Officer at ConsenSys.

Rod Hamilton, Co-Founder and Chief Product Office, Culture Amp

Rod Hamilton

Co-founder at Culture Amp.

Portrait image of Peter Mostachetti, Director of Organization, Learning & Inclusion at Beauty For All.

Peter Mostachetti

Director of Organization, Learning & Inclusion at Beauty For All.

Portrait image of Thushyanthi Muruges, Equitable Design Lead of People & Experience at Culture Amp.

Thushyanthi Muruges

Life coach, advisor and Equitable Design Lead of People & Experience at Culture Amp.

Portrait image of Patty Martinez, Organizational Development Lead at Culture Amp.

Patty Martinez

Organizational Development Lead at Culture Amp, with a background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Portrait image of Jeremy Edmonds, Director of People and Culture at Snooze Eatery.

Jeremy Edmonds

Director of People & Culture at Snooze Eatery, with a love for people, process and employee experience.

Portrait image of Fresia Jackson, lead researcher at Culture Amp.

Fresia Jackson

Lead Researcher at Culture Amp.

Portrait image of Michelle Saurel, Director of Global People Operations at Culture Amp.

Michelle Saurel

Director of Global People Operations at Culture Amp, with 10+ years of experience working in the HR industry.

Portrait image of Kerri Fazzino, Lead People Partner at Culture Amp.

Kerri Fazzino

Lead People Partner at Culture Amp, with 10+ years of experience working in the HR industry.

Portrait image of Damon Klotz, work culture evangelist & host of the Culture First Podcast.

Damon Klotz

Work Culture Evangelist & Host of the Culture First Podcast.

Rachel Morley

Chief Product Officer at Culture Amp.

Noah Sacks

Customer Success Manager at Culture Amp.

Tracey Wilmot

Chief People Officer at Vera Institute of Justice.

Anna Binder

Head of People at Asana – a leading work management platform for teams.

Fidelma Butler

Chartered I/O psychologist and Vice President of the Talent & Organizational Development team at Zendesk.

Mai Ton

CHRO in Residence at Charter and author of ‘Come Into My Office.’

Watch your favorite sessions on demand.

Why culture matters and what to do about it, with Didier Elzinga

In this session Didier shares:

  • The latest research from 6,000 companies on why culture matters more than ever before
  • Stories from the world’s top-performing companies
  • Actionable insights that you can take back and apply to your own company

Presented by:
Didier Elzinga, CEO and Co-founder, Culture Amp

Watch now

Building an equal, inclusive and diverse workplace, with Valerie Jarrett

In this conversation, Valerie discusses her passion and advocacy for workplace equality, diversity and inclusion. Working family issues have economic results that directly impact the ability to attract and retain the most talented workforce. From her experience as a CEO of the largest multi-family housing and development company in Chicago, to her board service as a director of numerous corporations and non-profit organizations, Valerie speaks directly to the importance of removing structural and cultural barriers that prevent employers from attracting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce.

Presented by:
Valerie Jarrett, CEO of the Obama Foundation, Board Chairman of Civic Nation, and Co-Chair of the United State of Women

Moderated by:
Didier Elzinga, CEO and Co-founder, Culture Amp

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How Snooze Eatery built a resilient company culture rooted in data, action, and care

By building a data-driven culture rooted in social impact, development, and continuous feedback, Snooze Eatery successfully supported their frontline and office employees throughout the pandemic while also growing their business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How Snooze created a feedback loop that continuously improved their employees’ experiences
  • How to support individual and company growth
  • Actionable tips for creating a resilient company culture that can withstand any challenge your business faces

Presented by:
Jeremy Edmonds, Director of People, Snooze Eatery

Watch now

Build a high-performance culture rooted in development

Learn the strategic steps the Vice President of Human Resources at Blueprint Medicines and the Chief People Officer at Bravely are taking to build high-performance cultures designed to empower individual growth and development.

Gain actionable ideas on how to:

  • Build a performance process that empowers individuals to take ownership of their development goals
  • Design a performance and develop culture that is built to scale as your company grows
  • Empower managers to have more meaningful development conversations with their direct reports

Presented by:

  • Jennifer Shevlin, VP of Human Resources, Blueprint Medicines
  • Katasha Harley, Chief People Officer, Bravely

Moderated by:

  • Patty Martinez, Organizational Development Lead, Culture Amp
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CHROs & the boardroom, with leaders panel

What is the role of the CHRO and the company board? In this session, our panelists share:

  • How you can navigate the critical CHRO/CEO/Board relationship
  • What culture looks like in the boardroom
  • Bringing people & culture to the top of the agenda
  • Stories from their careers at Salesforce, Zendesk, Asana, and more

Presented by:

  • Edweena Stratton, Chief People Officer, Culture Amp
  • Anna Binder, Head of People, Asana
  • Fidelma Butler, Vice President of Talent & Organizational Development, Zendesk
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Time management for mortals, with Oliver Burkeman

Best known for his bestselling book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, Oliver is an accomplished journalist and author praised for his unique take on productivity, time management, and what it really takes to make the most of our radically finite lives in a world of impossible demands.

Oliver shares:

  • The “efficiency trap” and why time management is all about neglecting the right things
  • Embracing our limitations and focusing on getting the most meaningful things done – here and now
  • How to apply these principles to re-evaluate our personal, professional, and organizational goals and priorities

Presented by:
Oliver Burkeman, Journalist & bestselling author of Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals

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100 years of putting culture first, with Wilson Sporting Goods

While many know Wilson Sporting Goods for their products, what most people probably don’t know is that Wilson has been around for over 100 years – and that it’s only been in the last few years that they launched their retail stores.

In this session, Geoff Watts, VP of HR at Wilson, shares:

  • How Wilson scaled culture while navigating change
  • The employee experience strategies behind this storied company
  • Actionable insights into putting culture first at all levels of the organization

To learn more about how Wilson Sporting Goods puts culture first, listen to the Culture First podcast mini-series.

Presented by:
Geoff Watts, Vice President of Human Resources, Wilson Sporting Goods

Moderated by:
Damon Klotz, Culture Evangelist, Culture Amp

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How to engage, retain, and multiply your high-performing employees

By connecting employee experience and employee performance data from over 700 companies and 200,000 employees, we’ve been able to answer deep questions about the relationship between engagement and performance. We share the data on:

  • What uniquely engages and retains high-performing employees (the employees you most want to keep)
  • How to turn great performers into high-performers
  • What performance management approaches have the best impact

Presented by:
Fresia Jackson, Lead Researcher, Culture Amp

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How to create equitable employee experience policies

Creating an equitable hiring process is critical, but ensuring that equitable design principles are applied at every step of the employee lifecycle is non-negotiable for creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Culture Amp’s Equitable Design Lead, Director of Global People Operations and Lead People Partner discuss how the three teams work together to create inclusive and equitable employee experience strategies and policies at every step of the employee lifecycle.

Presented by:

  • Michelle Saurel, Director Global People Operations, Culture Amp
  • Kerri Fazzino, Lead People Partner, Culture Amp

Moderated by:
Thushyanthi Muruges, Equitable Design Lead, People & Experience, Culture Amp

Watch now

Half a shade braver: The foundations of conversational leadership, with David Whyte

An internationally renowned poet, author, and major contributor to the field of conversational leadership, David Whyte shares:

  • What conversational leadership is and how to embrace it
  • Why self-examination and self-knowledge are critical for effective leadership
  • Simple steps for engaging in conversations that help you grow as both a leader and an organization

Presented by:
David Whyte, Internationally renowned poet and author

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The impact of being Culture First, with Rod Hamilton & Rachel Morley

How are your efforts as people leaders driving positive change in the world of work? In this session, Culture Amp’s product leaders reveal:

  • Never-before-seen insights about the impact HR leaders are driving in the workplace
  • A sneak peek of new Culture Amp capabilities that will empower you to expand your impact in the future

Presented by:

  • Rod Hamilton, Co-founder, Culture Amp
  • Rachel Morley, Chief Product Officer, Culture Amp
Watch now

How to create a social impact-driven employee experience

Data shows that individuals are more likely to stay with a company if they are aligned with the company’s mission and vision. In this session, Vera Insitute of Justice’s Chief People Officer, Tracey Wilmot, shares insights into how you can take action to build a successful business that positively impacts your employee experience, the world, and your organization’s growth.

Presented by:
Tracey Wilmot, Chief People Officer, Vera Institute of Justice

Moderated by:
Noah Sacks, Customer Success Manager, Culture Amp

Watch now

Foster belonging, engagement, and motivation in the workplace

In this panel discussion, Beauty for All’s Director of Organization - Learning & Inclusion and ConsenSys’ Chief People Officer share how they are creating an inclusive culture that fosters belonging, boosts engagement, and motivates their people to perform at their highest potential.

You will learn:

  • How ConsenSys has built a culture rooted in innovation and transperency, leading to results such as increasing their inclusion survey results by 10+ points in a 6-month time period
  • How Beauty For All applied broader social impact-focused business strategies (including investing $50m+ in Black and Latinx owned business) to drive their internal employee experience intiatives
  • Actionable insights into fostering inclusivisity across the workplace

Presented by:

  • Amanda Keleher, Chief People Officer, ConsenSys
  • Peter Mostachetti, Director of Organization, Learning & Inclusion, Beauty for All

Moderated by:
Kevin Yip, President & Co-Founder, Blueboard

Watch now

Bittersweet: The surprising key to creativity, connection, and authenticity, with Susan Cain

With her bestselling phenomenon, Quiet, Susan Cain urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an un­tapped power hidden in plain sight. Now she explores why we experience sorrow and longing, and how embracing the bittersweetness at the heart of life is the true path to creativity, con­nection, and authenticity.

At a time of collective loss, profound discord, and personal anxiety, Bittersweet brings us together in deep and unexpected ways. Using her trademark mix of stories, research, memoir, practical tips, and inspiration, Susan shows you the power of a “Bittersweet” work culture, including:

  • How the expression of sorrow, as well as joy, is key to deep creativity and genuine connection.
  • Case studies of organizations, from hospitals to oil rigs, that have transformed their cultures – and smashed productivity records – by creating “bittersweet” cultures.
  • An analysis of everything from Harry Potter novels to fashion photography to reveal what creativity really is – including its surprising relationship to longing, sorrow, and rising above our limitations.
  • How you can use these insights and actionable steps to build true connection and foster a more creative and mutually supportive work environment.

Presented by:
Susan Cain, #1 bestselling author of Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Watch now
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