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Performance management toolkit

Empower your employees to drive business growth

95% of managers dislike the way their companies conduct performance reviews, according to a study by Gartner.

Yet, when performance management is done right, it can boost engagement, drive retention, create alignment, and elevate the overall employee experience – even in times of change and uncertainty.

Unlock the full potential of performance management by augmenting formal performance reviews with a continuous approach throughout the employee experience. In doing so, you can help every employee and the wider organization not just reach business goals, but grow.

Download this toolkit to learn

illustration of various floating shapes and objects with a magnifying glass showing a smiley face on a ball

What performance management is and why it matters

Illustration of a bullseye archery target

Three guiding principles of development-focused performance management

Illustration of three people holding a green flag

How to lay the foundation for a performance process that works for your organization

Humanize your performance management

Flip the dreaded performance review on its head with a people-centric performance management process.