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1-on-1 meetings guide

Run 1-on-1s with confidence

The manager-direct report relationship matters. According to Culture Amp data, employees who have managers who show interest in their career aspirations are 15.6% points more engagedthan those whose managers don’t. That’s why facilitating 1-on-1 meetings with impact is so important when it comes to the employee experience.

These regular, recurring meetings are an ideal opportunity for managers to foster connection, trust, and a sense of belonging with their direct reports. When managers get 1-on-1s right, individuals experience improved morale, productivity, performance, and engagement.

Equip yourself with the tools and best practices you need to run 1-on-1 meetings more efficiently and effectively.

In this guide, you’ll find

Illustration with the outline of a head filled with brightly coloured objects and floating shapes around it

Common 1-on-1 pitfalls managers should look out for

Illustration of a clipboard with a simplified survey and a floating pen

A checklist for running consistent and beneficial 1-on-1s

Illustration of a person writing in a notebook while another person is gesturing a thumbs up

An easy-to-use 1-on-1 meeting template and questions

run 1-1s with confidence ebook

Take your 1-on-1 meetings to the next level

Use this guide to help your managers better navigate their role and relationships with their direct reports.