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Company lifecycle report

Scale culture as you grow

People’s intuition surrounding the fluid nature of culture is demonstrated in common phrases like “scaling culture” and “cultural transformation.” However, little research has been done on exactly what changes during growth.

This poses a significant challenge to any organization, as company culture and the larger employee experience have a direct effect on engagement, retention, the bottom line, and more.

Luckily, you can get ahead of change by understanding and preparing for what’s in store at every phase of growth. Our People Scientists crunched the numbers from over 4,500 companies and identified key trends throughout the company lifecycle.

Download this report to learn:

Illustration of three hands holding arrows pointing in different directions with lines suggesting movement

How culture changes across funding stages, company sizes, and growth trajectories.

Illustration of a yellow graph with a line trending up and a floating hand pointing to a part of it

What factors affect company stock price growth

Illustration with the outline of a head filled with brightly coloured objects and floating shapes around it

How growth affects engagement and employee expectations

illustration of various floating shapes and objects with a magnifying glass showing a smiley face on a ball

What companies at every phase should focus on to succeed

Culture Crunch Report

Make better decisions about culture now

Understand and identify the high-impact actions that successfully take a company and its people to the next phase of its journey.