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What you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the Culture Amp platform
    • Employee Engagement - Surveys with powerful analytics and action planning
    • Employee Effectiveness - Action-oriented 180° and 360° feedback
    • Employee experience - Automated surveys for onboarding, exit, and more
  • How we use and create Benchmarks
  • How we use the collective intelligence of our 2000+ global clients
  • What onboarding at Culture Amp looks like
  • The expertise our team provides
  • Answers to specific questions you have
Over 2000+ companies trust Culture Amp

Culture Amp improves your bottom line

less employee turnover for businesses in top quartile vs bottom quartile
increase in customer satisfaction for businesses in top quartile vs bottom quartile
more revenue from engaged employees vs disengaged counterparts

Source: Culture Amp 2016 Benchmark Data

Learn faster through feedback

Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback.

Know where you stand

Cover all your bases

Perform overall diagnostic, deep dive and pulse surveys using Employee Engagement. Everything you need for any moment in your organization's life.

Follow your needs

Whether you're going through a reorganization, a merger, or addressing retention, our engagement surveys are malleable, and grow and scale with you.

Know where you stand

Compare your engagement scores using our live benchmarks. With coverage across industries, you'll know exactly where you stand, all within the platform.

Find the signal

Save time finding areas of focus in all of the free text comments from your employees. Text Analytics uses topic and sentiment analysis to help you quantify and understand what's really going on in your organization.

Collect feedback anywhere, on any device
Collect feedback anywhere, on any device

Focus your efforts

Discover where to focus your team's resources. With our recommendations, you'll know exactly where to take action with the most potential for impact.

Take action & drive change

Use the revolutionary Inspiration Engine, powered by our People Geek community and leading organizations, for ideas on how to take meaningful action across your team.

Warby Parker

We use Culture Amp to find ways to improve, to benchmark ourselves against best-in-class companies, and to deliver on our commitment of being data-driven in every area of the business.

Neil Blumenthal CEO at Warby Parker

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