People Geek Guides

Our guides to people analytics—from the experts.

Foundation Guides

Learn why we use people analytics. Explore the essential elements of a people analytics strategy, how to set your survey cadence and design a survey.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Learn how employee engagement impacts retention, absenteeism, shrinkage, sales, profit, innovation, customer satisfaction and more.

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People Analytics Strategy

Set up your organization for success by creating a people analytics strategy. In this guide we explore the elements required and how to choose a cadence to suit your organization.

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Survey Design

Learn how to design surveys that will deliver reliable results. See which demographics and questions will allow you to identify hotspots and benchmark against your own and other organizations’ results.

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Employee Engagement

Learn how to collect reliable data, analyze and understand the results, and share and act on insights. We’ll explore how to use technology including text analytics to improve employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Fundamentals

Understand the behaviors of engaged employees, why they’re more productive and how you can build an engaged workforce.

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Sharing employee engagement survey results

Sharing survey results is one of the most important (and challenging) parts of the employee feedback process. Learn how to get the best out of the process.

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Building an action framework to address employee survey feedback

Once you’ve collected all the data you need on employee engagement, you can identify areas for action that will have the most impact. We take a look at approaches that work.

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Employee Experience

Understand and improve the experiences of your employees at each stage of the employee lifecycle, from candidate to onboarding through to exit.

Employee Experience

Learn why you should assess and understand the employee experience. Get started with four steps to start gaining insight into your employees’ experience.

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Employee Effectiveness

Learn how to implement a formalized approach to 180° and 360° feedback tailored to the needs of managers, individuals and teams.

Manager effectiveness

Take a look at what makes a great manager, and how we can empower managers’ continuous improvement.

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Team effectiveness

Learn how to measure how effective your teams are and what support can be offered to help teams improve.

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