The People Ops Platform

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Take a look at the Standard and Add-On features offered by Culture Amp.

Below is our detailed feature list showcasing the depth of what we offer. For an overview look at our feature summary and plans.

Standard Features

We're all about companies jumping in and taking control of their People Data.

Our standard features give you everything you need to get started — and come with every plan.

Survey Types

Deploy different surveys to get a full picture of your organization and your culture. See what connects employees to your organization, why they join and how they can work better together.

All plans come with unlimited:

Fully Customizable

Customize every aspect of your survey to make sure it lines up with your needs and your culture.

Take control with customized:
  • Logo and company name.
  • Survey Questions and Demographics.
  • Content of all communications (e.g. emails) that goes out to employees.
  • Participant lists to control which employees will receive each survey - either your whole organization or a subset.


Our reports are designed to communicate the essentials, whilst still letting you dig into the detail. You can see our demonstration reports.

Get actionable insight with our:
  • Dashboard Report.
  • Manager Insight Report.
  • Driver Analysis.
  • Comments Report.
  • Demographic and Comparative Reports.
  • Filter all reports by a combination of demographics or time range.


With our advanced permissions you can share reports to users in your organization. For example, Jill can see the reports for the Engineering Team — or Jack can see Sales — or total full access for all employees. Whatever works for your structure.

Share with total control of:
  • The specific reports the user can use.
  • The parts of the organization the user can see (e.g. Just Sales).
  • Demographics to be provided.
  • Administrators of your account and each individual survey.
  • Employees that are able to access and provide support functions, such as resending invitations.

Browser Support & Employee Experience

Culture Amp is designed to work great with the latest browsers and mobile devices.

We're proud of our survey experience:
  • Works great on modern browsers; including full HTML5 support.
  • Mobile ready with a responsive touch/swipe interface for Smartphones.
  • Outdated browser or slow connection? We have a basic version that works on even the most basic devices.
  • Get a feedback report on what employees thought of Culture Amp.
  • Complete a comprehensive survey in just minutes.


Keeping your data secure is extremely important. At Culture Amp we're proactive about our security systems and processes.

Feel secure with:
  • All access to Culture Amp uses industry-standard HTTPS security.
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft and more via SAML/2.0.
  • Data "at rest" is always encrypted using AES-256.
  • Full failover support; plus a Disaster Recovery site.
  • Hourly, daily and monthly encrypted backups.
  • Want to know more detail?

Standard Support

We're big fans of our customers taking control of their cultural analytics and data. However, it's not a solo effort. We're always there to provide the support needed to get the most effective insight.

Be supported with:
  • A kick-off meeting to run through the essential tasks for a successful survey.
  • A results session to give insights in the data — and how to best find them in the reports.
  • Full access to our academy and numerous other templates and resources.
  • Anything else or just have a question? Email support and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Add-On Features

Big end of town or have specific needs? We're happy to put custom solution together to suit you.

Language Support

Run surveys in multiple languages to best cater to local needs. We've run surveys dozens of languages. Everything from Dutch or Korean and in between.

Run surveys in two or more languages with:
  • Translated Surveys.
  • Translated communications (emails) and instructions.
  • Provide a "default" language for each employee.
  • Ability for employees to switch languages.
  • Manage the translation process yourself, or source via us.

Hierarchies and Rollup Reporting

Our standard set allows the distribution of reports on demographic basis. For large organizations, we also support hierarchies — the ability to use the reporting hierarchy to cut the data.

Use an employee hierarchy:
  • Share reports to managers that are limited their organization — i.e. their direct reports, their reports and so on.
  • Allow administrators to view reports on a manager-by-manager basis.

Delivery Methods

Delivering surveys online has a number of advantages, but sometimes it's not possible in all scenarios.

Allow employees to take surveys using a number of methods:
  • Online using a Desktop, Mobile or Smartphone.
  • Using "Kiosk Mode" at a location such as a warehouse or factory. Employees are issued a code to complete the survey.
  • Distribute and scan Paper Surveys.
  • Staged rollout in different time zones.

Advanced Question & Report Types

Customize your surveys at a more detailed level.

Provide detailed customizations:
  • Questions that are only presented to specific demographics (e.g. Questions just for the Engineering team).
  • Driver Analysis for specific organizational units.


Our system is intended to be completely Self-Service. However, sometimes it's more direct to integrate with key systems.

Integrate your systems with:
  • Customized Feed of Employee data using a secure file.
  • Raw Data exports (Scrubbed and Anonymized).
  • Automated triggering of Lifecycle Surveys — such as the issue of onboarding surveys.

Enterprise Support

We think our Standard Support is top-class. Enterprise support goes a step further for large-scale deployments.

Significant rollout? Get next-level support with:
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Regular progress meetings.
  • Detailed Survey Design and Results consultations.
  • Supporting and producing executive reports.