About the Culture First Podcast

Culture Amp is the leading People & Culture Platform, and this is our podcast: Culture First: Stories for a better world of work.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader who is passionate about developing people, a new manager aspiring to better their team’s culture or a lifelong People Geek, this show is for you.

Our guests include Esther Perel, DeRay McKesson, Chip Conley, Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, Claude Silver, and many more.

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Host: Culture Amp’s Work Culture Evangelist, Damon Klotz. 
Production:  Sarah Lessire.
Editing: Nick Jaworski at Podcast Monster. 
Design: Nicole Dominic, Amelia Chieng and Christine Tapawan. 
Culture Amp Data: Vivian Woo. 
Video: Kyle Doan. 
Original music: Sarah Lessire.