Culture Amp compared to TINYpulse

At Culture Amp, we're building the world's leading survey platform for People & Culture.

TINYpulse is a great tool. It provides a fast, lightweight means of getting check on your company culture. At Culture Amp we have a similar mission. However, we wanted to go a step further and dig even deeper.

A Comprehensive, Customizable solution

In a growing company, getting the right balance for tools and processes is hard. You're either shoe-horning into an existing product or building everything from scratch.

That's why at Culture Amp, we assembled the best-practice for employee surveys and employee engagement. We give you a complete platform with Culture, Lifecycle, Performance, Pulse and Specialized Employee Surveys.

However, every organization is unique. Our approach makes sure you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Culture Survey

Getting the Pulse

Track the trend between major surveys — get an immediate guide for how your actions are making an impact. This could be a single question, or a short set of questions. This could be everyone in your organization or a subset. We also support a "continuous" mode where all or some of your employees are polled on a semi-periodic basis. We love working with our customers to bring real insight and change in their organizations... And we like to think our customers love the result too.

Take a look for yourself

We could go on about Culture Surveys and People Ops for days. However, sometimes to see the difference — it's easier to jump right in.

You can browse through some of our sample surveys or schedule a demo with one of our people geeks.

Culture Survey