case study

ThoughtWorks is a global software development and digital transformation consultancy that employs nearly 5000 people known as ‘ThoughtWorkers. The company is a collection of passionate, purpose-led individuals that think disruptively to deliver technology that addresses complex problems.

Jennifer Mounce, Program Director of Global People & Leadership Development, supports 41 offices across 14 countries. By partnering with the Head of People in each location across the globe, Jennifer focuses on delivering a consistent employee experience.

ThoughtWorks’ decentralized structure means teams have autonomy to work in a way that makes sense for their location. However, the company’s global nature means employees often travel between different offices. “When a ThoughtWorker reaches another office, we want it to feel familiar. To achieve this, we look at the different phases of the employee experience and identify opportunities to create consistency across that experience,” explained Jennifer.

In the past, feedback from employees about their experience was often anecdotal and not representative of the wider employee population. “When we were capturing our own form-based feedback, we weren’t getting high participation from our teams. For people moving on, we were missing an opportunity to capture valuable feedback,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer’s path to Culture Amp resembles ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ In previous roles, other solutions were “too long, too short, or just plain clunky. Culture Amp was ‘just right.’ The platform helps quantify what’s happening across the globe,” said Jennifer.

As a consultancy, employees work in teams on client projects, often at the client’s location. ThoughtWorks uses the Culture Amp platform to conduct “health checks” with project teams to measure their engagement and ensure they are set up for success and have everything they need to do their best work. “It is really powerful to share the feedback from project teams with our managers. It changes the conversation so that we spend time on the most important things, prioritize and identify trends. We can focus on what matters most to the business and identify opportunities for improvement that positively impact our employees,” said Jennifer.

Taking action on the insights uncovered by Culture Amp drives a better client experience and contributes to the continued success of ThoughtWorks. “Culture Amp has helped us increase retention and reduce churn of consultants on projects, which is a huge win-win. When consultants stay longer, they can continue to grow their career and own their development. The client has a consultant who is more ingrained in their business, positioned to make better decisions, and have greater impact on the software that they are developing for the business,” explained Jennifer.

Culture Amp enables each of the 12 Heads of People at ThoughtWorks to have a data-driven conversation about what’s going on in the business. Since Jennifer reflects on the employee experience in its totality, exit surveys are a key opportunity to learn more about their people. “Whether someone is leaving the company or returning as a boomerang employee, the Culture Amp exit survey is one of the key areas where we as a distributed team can identify trends globally to better understand our people and come away with tangible areas to focus on improving,” explained Jennifer.

Jennifer concludes, “I love Culture Amp because it delivers expert advice, in an easy to use format, enabling me to deliver a globally consistent program at a company that is very decentralized.”