What is the best
Officevibe alternative?

Culture Amp and Officevibe both offer employee engagement and performance management solutions, so what sets them apart?


Grounded in research

  • Move forward with confidence knowing our approach is grounded in the latest organizational psychology and experience with 2,570+ companies
  • With Officevibe, questions are sourced from a third-party organization

Close the feedback loop

  • Insightful and easy for managers with built-in developmental resources to help them take action
  • Officevibe offers reports for managers but little in the way of inspiring action

Global support

  • Culture Amp offers global support, 24×6 so help is always there when you need it
  • Officevibe has a single support team in Montreal, Canada

Engagement surveyscheck markcheck mark
Onboarding and exit surveyscheck markcross
Diversity and inclusion surveycheck markcross
Wellbeing surveycheck markcross
Performance reviewscheck markcross
Goal trackingcheck markcross
Library of tried and tested developmental resourcescheck markcross
Diverse range of benchmarkscheck markcross
Built-in turnover predictioncheck markcross

“What matters most is having a finger on the pulse and making sure you are constantly caring for your culture. And Culture Amp makes that really easy to do.”

Melissa Del Broccolo
Vice President of Talent Management, KIND