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Why Culture Amp?

Modern psychology

Modern psychology

Designed by psychologists and data scientists to help you build the feedback program you need.

  • Designed and supported by experts
  • Focused on constructive feedback, insights and action
  • Continuously improved by 2000+ innovative companies
On-demand platform

On-demand platform

Unlimited access to all the feedback your organization needs, customizable and in real time.

  • Helps you build a comprehensive feedback strategy
  • Gives your whole organization real-time, valuable insights
  • Grows with your increasing needs
Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

Tap into what's working in practice for over 2000+ innovative companies putting culture first.

  • Explore what inspires leading-edge companies
  • Share your knowledge with over 40,000 People Geeks
  • Access curated content perfected by machine learning

Culture Amp has been instrumental in building a culture of feedback at DigitalOcean. The platform is easy to use and the insights are incredibly powerful.

Matt Hoffman, VP of People at DigitalOcean

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