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Why Culture Amp?

Get game-changing insights you won’t find anywhere else

Engagement. Performance. Retention. When it comes to your people and culture, it’s all connected.

Uncover crucial relationships between performance and engagement. Culture Amp turns these insights into high-impact actions to create an ideal employee experience.

Retain your best people with turnover prediction

Not all top performers are engaged. And not all engaged employees are high-performing.

Culture Amp’s machine learning algorithms combine your engagement and performance data to show you who might turn over and why. So you can take action to turn things around.

Guide towards high performance

Learn what high performing individuals have in common, so you can duplicate their success.

Get actionable insights throughout the entire employee lifecycle. And set every employee up for high performance from the moment they onboard.

We use Culture Amp to find ways to improve, to benchmark ourselves against best-in-class companies, and to deliver on our commitment of being data-driven in every area of the business.

Neil Blumenthal

CEO at Warby Parker

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